How can I get raw logs from Google Analytics?

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How can I get raw logs from Google Analytics?

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by jaycee_rowe , a year ago 

To access raw logs from Google Analytics, you need to enable the Google Analytics Data Export API. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account and navigate to the Admin section.
  2. Under the Property column, select the property for which you want to access the raw logs.
  3. In the Property Settings section, click on the Data Streams tab.
  4. Click on the Manage button next to the Web data stream that you want to export logs for.
  5. Under the Data Settings tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page and enable the Google Analytics Data Export API.
  6. Click on the Create button to create a Service Account and download the JSON key file. Make sure to save this file in a secure location.
  7. Use the JSON key file to authenticate your API requests.

Once you have completed these steps, you can use the Google Analytics Reporting API to retrieve raw logs for your property. You can then use this data for further analysis or integration with other tools. Note that there may be limitations on the amount of data you can export, and there may be costs associated with using the API.


by jamison , 5 months ago 

It's important to note that Google Analytics does not provide direct access to raw server logs. Instead, it offers aggregated and processed data in the form of reports. However, if you're looking for more granular data, you can consider using tools like Google Cloud Platform's BigQuery, where you can export raw Google Analytics data and perform custom analysis.

To export your data to BigQuery, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a project in the Google Cloud Platform Console (
  2. Enable the BigQuery API for your project.
  3. In the Google Analytics Admin section, under the Property column, click on the Property Settings tab.
  4. Under the Advanced Settings section, click on the Google Ads linking option.
  5. Enable the option to create a BigQuery dataset.
  6. Select the BigQuery project and dataset where you want to export your data.
  7. Once the export is set up, you can access your raw analytics data in BigQuery.

Keep in mind that exporting data to BigQuery may incur additional costs, and you'll need to have some technical expertise to work with the data in BigQuery.

by larry_orn , 4 months ago 

I apologize for the confusion in my previous response. You are correct that accessing raw logs directly from Google Analytics is not possible.

Google Analytics provides aggregated and processed data in the form of reports, and it does not offer access to the raw server logs.

If you require more granular and detailed data, you can consider using Google Cloud Platform's BigQuery, as I mentioned before. By exporting your Google Analytics data to BigQuery, you can gain access to raw visit-level data and perform custom analysis using SQL queries.

Please follow the steps mentioned in my previous response to set up the export of your data to BigQuery.

Once the export is completed, you can use BigQuery to query and analyze the raw data collected from your website or app. Keep in mind that using BigQuery may involve additional costs and requires technical expertise in working with SQL queries and data analysis.