How can I optimize the URL structure in Magento for better SEO?


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How can I optimize the URL structure in Magento for better SEO?

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by alvera_smith , a year ago


  1. Use descriptive URLs: Using descriptive URLs with relevant keywords can make it easier for both search engines and users to understand what your page is about. Avoid using generic URLs like "" and use URLs like "".
  2. Use hyphens to separate words: In Magento, URLs are generated automatically based on the product or category name. Use hyphens to separate multiple words in the URL instead of spaces or underscores.
  3. Keep URLs short: Shorter URLs are easier to read, remember and share. Keep the URL length as short as possible without sacrificing the descriptive nature of the URL.
  4. Avoid duplicate content: Avoid using the same URL for multiple pages or products as this can cause duplicate content issues. Magento automatically adds a unique identifier to each URL to avoid this issue.
  5. Use canonical URLs: Use canonical URLs to denote the preferred version of a page’s URL if there are multiple versions of the same page. This can help avoid duplicate content issues and improve SEO.
  6. Remove unnecessary parameters: Magento generates URLs with parameters such as "?id=123" which can potentially cause duplicate content issues. Use the URL rewrite feature to remove unnecessary parameters from URLs.
  7. Enable URL redirects: Whenever a URL is changed, enable URL redirects to redirect users and search engines to the new URL. This helps preserve valuable link equity and avoids the negative impact of broken links.
  8. Use breadcrumbs: Breadcrumbs help users navigate through your site and also provide additional information to search engines about the context of a page.
  9. Optimize category URLs: Category URLs should contain only the most relevant keywords and should be descriptive of the category. Avoid using long and complicated URLs for categories.
  10. Use a flat URL structure: A flat URL structure makes it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site by reducing the number of clicks needed to reach a page. Use Magento's flat category structure to achieve this.