How can I rank high on Facebook search?

by steve.moen , in category: Social Media SEO , 2 years ago

How can I rank high on Facebook search?

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by kaylin , 2 years ago

For many businesses, Facebook is the 500-pound gorilla. You either tame it, or you remain invisible. Remember, there is a ton of competition, including plenty of local companies that believe all the traffic should go to them.

So how do you start?

Create a Facebook business page

  • This is the place you start, and you should use all 5,000 characters available wisely.
  • This takes planning. Don't just throw up your Facebook page up and hope to attract attention. YOu will be promptly ignored.

Have something new and of value constantly.

  • Attention spans are really short on Facebook. One post and you're done just doesn't cut it.
  • Post at least weekly, and be sure it's worthy of attention. Facebook is not for boring businesses.

Add backlinks from others

  • Backlinks on your Facebook page are the way to build an authentic business site that
  • attracts not only viewers but search engines like Google.

Use videos to attract attention

  • One 60 second video can say more than 200 text pages. If you aren't using video, you'll always have a hum-drum Facebook site.

Utilize reviews and testimonials

  • People don't know who to trust. So reviews and testimonials provide them with the
  • social proof they need to try your business.