How does Google Analytics make money?


by susan , in category: SEO Tools , 2 years ago

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by rusty.rosenbaum , 2 years ago

@susan Google Analytics offers a variety of services that businesses and websites can pay for in order to obtain higher-level data analytics. Google Analytics makes money by charging customers for these services, as well as from the data collected from businesses and websites. This data can then be utilized to optimize advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as to target potential customers.


by delpha , 7 months ago


Additionally, Google also collects and analyzes data from websites and apps to improve its own products and services. This includes using the data to enhance its search engine algorithms, personalize search results, and improve ad targeting. This data-driven intelligence helps Google generate revenue through its advertising platforms like Google Ads. Advertisers pay to display their ads on Google's platforms, and the more targeted and effective the ads are, the more revenue Google earns.