How does Google know what pages to crawl when using gatsby.js?


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How does Google know what pages to crawl when using gatsby.js?

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by percy_bauch , 21 days ago


When using Gatsby.js to build a website, Google will crawl the pages just like any other website. However, Gatsby.js can also help to optimize the crawling and indexing process for search engines like Google.

One way Gatsby.js helps with search engine optimization (SEO) is by generating static HTML pages that can be easily crawled by search engines. When a page is requested, Gatsby.js generates the HTML content dynamically and then caches it for future requests, which can improve page load times and overall performance.

Gatsby.js also includes a built-in plugin called gatsby-plugin-sitemap, which generates a sitemap for the website. This sitemap provides a list of all the pages on the site, which can help search engines like Google to discover and index all the pages more easily.

In addition, Gatsby.js supports server-side rendering (SSR) of pages, which means that the pages can be rendered on the server and then sent to the client as fully-formed HTML. This can improve SEO by providing search engines with fully-formed HTML content, rather than relying on JavaScript to generate the content on the client-side.

Overall, Gatsby.js provides a number of features and optimizations that can help Google and other search engines to crawl and index the pages on a website more easily and effectively.