How exactly does a website connect to adobe analytics?


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How exactly does a website connect to adobe analytics?

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To connect a website to Adobe Analytics, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Acquire Adobe Analytics Account: Obtain a valid Adobe Analytics account by signing up through Adobe's website.
  2. Set up a Data Source: In Adobe Analytics, create a new data source for your website. This involves specifying the website domain and other relevant details.
  3. Implement JavaScript Tracking Code: Insert Adobe Analytics JavaScript tracking code onto every page of your website. This code is usually provided by Adobe Analytics and consists of a snippet that needs to be inserted into the HTML code of each page.
  4. Validate Implementation: After implementing the tracking code, validate its correctness using Adobe Analytics debugging tools. This ensures that the code is functioning properly and tracking the required data.
  5. Define Analytics Variables: Within Adobe Analytics, define various variables based on the website's requirements. These variables can be custom events, e-commerce tracking, visitor attributes, conversion goals, or any other relevant metrics to be tracked.
  6. Configure Analytics Reports: Set up reporting and analysis configurations within Adobe Analytics, defining the metrics and dimensions you want to track and report on.
  7. Test and Validate: Before going live, test the analytics implementation thoroughly to ensure the tracking is accurate and that all desired metrics are captured correctly.

Once the website is live and the tracking code is implemented correctly, Adobe Analytics will start collecting and analyzing the website's data, providing insights, reports, and visualizations related to user engagement, conversion rates, site performance, and more.