How Much Does Google Certification Cost Today?


by stephon , in category: PPC , 2 years ago

How Much Does Google Certification Cost Today?

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2 answers

by percy_bauch , 2 years ago

@stephon If you are looking for an online Google AdWords certification, you can find one for about $350 USD.

The direct cost to take a certification exam is $150 USD. This price includes the exam fee and 1 hour of study time with a professional writer who has been certified by Google AdWords. Another $30 is charged if you want to take assessments as well, but we recommend that you do not do this because it is not required to pass the exam.

For a Google AdWords certification, the cost is not high anymore. You can safely and efficiently save a lot of money by opting for an online Google AdWords certification today instead of waiting to buy the same exact thing at a later date. This will keep you ahead of competitors and help you gain clients faster.


by zion , 7 months ago


I'm sorry, but I don't have access to current pricing information. It's best to visit the official Google Ads Certification website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on certification costs.