How to add route to dynamic robots.txt in mvc?

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How to add route to dynamic robots.txt in mvc?

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To add a route to a dynamic robots.txt file in ASP.NET MVC, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create the route: Open the RouteConfig.cs file in the App_Start folder of your project. Inside the RegisterRoutes method, add a new route to map the URL of the robots.txt file to a specific controller action. routes.MapRoute("RobotsTxt", "robots.txt", new { controller = "Home", action = "RobotsTxt" });
  2. Create the controller and action: Open the HomeController.cs file (or any other controller file) and add a new action method to handle the robots.txt request. public class HomeController : Controller { // Other action methods... public ActionResult RobotsTxt() { // Generate the robots.txt content dynamically string robotsTxtContent = GenerateRobotsTxt(); // Return the content as plain text return Content(robotsTxtContent, "text/plain"); } } In the RobotsTxt action method, you can generate the content of the robots.txt file dynamically using any logic you need.
  3. Configure the robots.txt file: By default, ASP.NET MVC looks for physical files for each incoming request. To exclude the robots.txt file from being searched for physically on disk, add the following line to the Web.config file inside the system.webServer section: This configuration tells the Web server to use the TransferRequestHandler to transfer the request to the MVC routing engine without physically searching for a file named robots.txt.
  4. Test the route: You can now access the robots.txt file by navigating to /robots.txt in your application. The request will be routed to the RobotsTxt action of the HomeController, and the dynamically generated content will be returned as a plain text response.

Note: If you have a custom view engine or URL rewriting rules in your application, you may need to adjust the routes or configurations accordingly.