How to fix problem “clickable elements too close together” in google search console?

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How to fix problem “clickable elements too close together” in google search console?

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by dudley , 7 months ago 

To fix the problem of "clickable elements too close together" in Google Search Console, you can follow these steps:

  1. Identify the elements causing the issue: Google Search Console will provide you with information about the specific elements that are too close together and causing the problem. Look for the "Clickable elements too close together" error in the "Mobile Usability" report.
  2. Adjust the spacing: Increase the spacing between the clickable elements to ensure they are separated enough for users to easily tap on the intended element. This can be done by modifying the CSS or HTML of your website.
  3. Test the changes: After making the adjustments, test your website's usability on different mobile devices and screen sizes. Check if the clickable elements have been properly spaced and are now easily tappable.
  4. Re-validate in Google Search Console: Once you are confident that the issue has been resolved, go back to Google Search Console's "Mobile Usability" report and click on "Validate Fix." This will prompt Google to re-check your website and verify if the problem has indeed been fixed.
  5. Monitor the report: Keep an eye on the "Mobile Usability" report in Google Search Console to ensure that the issue doesn't reappear. Regularly check for any new issues or errors that may arise and promptly address them.

Remember, the specific steps to fix this issue may vary depending on your website's platform and configuration.