How to generate seo friendly url using kohana?


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How to generate seo friendly url using kohana?

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To generate SEO-friendly URLs using Kohana, you can follow these steps:

  1. Define a route: In your application's bootstrap file, define a route using the Route class to map a URL pattern to a specific controller and action. For example, you could define a route for a blog post using the following code: Route::set('post', 'post/
  2. Create a controller: Create a controller for handling the URL defined in the route. In the above example, create a BlogController class with a view() method that retrieves and displays the blog post. class Controller_Blog extends Controller { public function action_view() { $id = $this->request->param('id'); // Retrieve the blog post with the given ID // ... // Display the blog post // ... } } Customize the logic inside the view() method to retrieve the specific blog post based on the ID extracted from the URL.
  3. Generate URLs: To generate SEO-friendly URLs, use the URL::site() or URL::base() methods provided by Kohana. These methods will generate a URL based on the defined routes and the parameters you pass. For example, to generate a URL for the blog post with ID 123, you can use: $url = URL::site('post/123'); This will output something like /post/123 which is a SEO-friendly URL for the blog post.

By following these steps, you can generate SEO-friendly URLs in your Kohana application. Make sure to review and adjust the regular expressions used in the routes to fit your specific URL patterns and requirements.