How to implement robots.txt in nuxt.js?

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How to implement robots.txt in nuxt.js?

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by mabelle , 8 months ago


To implement robots.txt in a Nuxt.js application, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a static folder in the root directory of your Nuxt.js project if it doesn't exist already.
  2. Inside the static folder, create a new file called robots.txt. This file will contain the rules that you want to define for search engines regarding crawling and indexing.
  3. Open the robots.txt file and add the desired rules according to the specifications provided by the search engines. For example, to allow all search engines to crawl and index your site, you can use the following content:
User-agent: *

  1. Restart your Nuxt.js development server if it was already running.
  2. Visit http://localhost:3000/robots.txt in your browser to verify that the file is accessible. This URL might vary depending on your Nuxt.js setup.

That's it! Your Nuxt.js application now has a functioning robots.txt file. Please note that the robots.txt file should be accessible to search engines for them to follow the rules you specified.