How to optimize your website's URLs for SEO?


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How to optimize your website's URLs for SEO?

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by dejuan.watsica , a year ago


There are several ways to optimize your website's URLs for SEO:

  1. Use keywords: Include relevant keywords in the URL to help search engines understand what your page is about.
  2. Keep it concise: Shorter URLs are easier for users to read and remember, and search engines favor shorter URLs as well.
  3. Use hyphens: Separate words in the URL with hyphens, rather than underscores or spaces, as hyphens are more easily recognized by search engines.
  4. Avoid dynamic parameters: Dynamic URLs with parameters (such as "?id=123&name=abc") are less SEO-friendly than static URLs (such as "/category/product-name/").
  5. Use canonical URLs: If you have multiple versions of the same page (e.g. HTTP and HTTPS), use a canonical URL to tell search engines which version is the primary one.
  6. Ensure URL structure reflects site structure: Your URLs should match the structure of your website, so that users and search engines can easily navigate between pages and understand your site's hierarchy.