How to see how many views on wordpress?


by terrence , in category: SEO , 2 years ago

How to see how many views on wordpress?

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2 answers

by kyleigh.wolff , 2 years ago

@terrence There are several ways to view your WordPress site’s view count.

1.Install a plugin- Many WordPress plugins, such as Jetpack and Yoast, offer the ability to monitor and analyze your website’s traffic and view count.

2.Check your site's Google Analytics- If you’ve linked your site to Google Analytics, you can use the platform’s “Audience” report to see an overview of your site’s views.

3.Implement a tracking code- If you don’t want to use a plugin, you can manually install a tracking code on your site. Depending on the code you use, you can get an up-to-date count of your site’s total views.

by dejuan.watsica , 8 months ago


4.Use the WordPress Stats feature- WordPress has its own built-in stats feature that shows basic information about your site’s views, including total views, top posts, and referral sources. You can find this feature by navigating to your WordPress dashboard and clicking on the "Stats" tab.