How use oauth2 to connect and use facebook marketing api?


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How use oauth2 to connect and use facebook marketing api?

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To connect and use the Facebook Marketing API using OAuth2, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Facebook App: Go to the Facebook Developers website ( and create a new app. Fill in the required details and configure the app settings.
  2. Configure the App for Marketing API access: In the app dashboard, go to the "Settings" tab and select "Advanced". Go to the "Marketing API" section and click on "Ads Management". Click on "Create Token" to generate an access token for the Marketing API.
  3. Set up the Authorization Flow: Determine whether you want to use a server-side or client-side authorization flow. For server-side, you will need a backend server to handle the authentication process. For client-side, you can handle the authentication within your frontend application.
  4. Obtain an Access Token: Make a GET request to the following endpoint, substituting in the appropriate values: GET{your-app-id}&redirect_uri={your-redirect-uri}&state={your-unique-state-value} The user will be redirected to the Facebook login page, where they will authorize your app. After successful authorization, Facebook will redirect the user to the provided redirect_uri along with an authorization code.
  5. Exchange Authorization Code for Access Token: Make a POST request to the access token endpoint to exchange the authorization code for an access token: POST{your-app-id}&redirect_uri={your-redirect-uri}&client_secret={your-app-secret}&code={authorization-code} Parse the response to extract the access token.
  6. Make API Requests: Use the obtained access token to authenticate API requests. Make API requests to the Marketing API endpoints to manage and retrieve data related to Facebook Ads and Marketing campaigns.

Make sure to handle token expiration and refreshing tokens to maintain ongoing access to the API. Refer to the Facebook Marketing API documentation for detailed information on request endpoints and available operations.