Is Joomla good for SEO?


by eloisa , in category: Content Marketing , 2 years ago

Is Joomla good for SEO?

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by talon_jacobson , 2 years ago

Joomla is an open-source CMS that gives the user full access to the code and creates plugins to simplify the system's functionality. With some coding skills, it is possible to make your Joomla site fully SEO optimized. However, in this article, the main focus will be on the leading SEO functionalities in major CMS systems. With several plugins, a website becomes fully functional.

When it comes to on-page SEO boxes, Joomla is the ideal selection because you only need one extension. Additionally, with Joomla, the user can control the majority of the elements in their website.

Although Joomla is good for SEO, the process of website optimization is a bit hectic. When most people are done with Joomla, they ask themselves why they did not just simplify their lives by using WordPress. With the right tweaking on a site using Joomla, it is easier to pass Google's Core Web tests without any complications