What are negative keywords in SEO?


by drew , in category: Keyword Research , 2 years ago

What are negative keywords in SEO?

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by emelie , 2 years ago

@drew Negative keywords in SEO are terms that you add to your keyword list to prevent your website or ad from appearing in searches that include those terms. For example, if you sell running shoes, you might add "free" as a negative keyword to exclude free running shoe offers from appearing in your search results.

by jose_gulgowski , 2 years ago


In search engine optimization (SEO), negative keywords are terms that you can specify in your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to exclude certain search queries from triggering your ads. For example, if you're selling red sneakers and you want to exclude searches for blue sneakers, you could use the negative keyword "blue" to prevent your ad from showing up when someone searches for "blue sneakers."

Negative keywords are useful for a few reasons:

  1. They help you target your ads more effectively, by ensuring that your ad is only shown to people who are interested in what you're offering.
  2. They can help you save money on your PPC campaigns, by preventing your ad from being shown to people who are unlikely to convert.
  3. They can help you improve the quality score of your ad, by ensuring that it's only shown to people who are likely to find it relevant.

To use negative keywords, you'll need to add them to your PPC campaign settings. You can do this by logging into your account, selecting the campaign that you want to modify, and then adding the negative keywords to the "Negative keywords" field. You can add multiple negative keywords by separating them with a comma.