What are the pros for using extension-less urls?

by domenico.weimann , in category: SEO , 2 months ago

What are the pros for using extension-less urls?

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by aniyah , 2 months ago


  1. Improved aesthetics: Extensionless URLs look cleaner and more modern.
  2. Better SEO: Search engines may consider the keywords in the URL more effectively without the extension, potentially leading to improved search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.
  3. Easier to remember: Without the file extension, URLs can be easier to remember and share.
  4. Platform independence: URLs without file extensions are not tied to a specific platform or technology, allowing for greater flexibility in the future.
  5. Better security: Removing file extensions can make it more difficult for attackers to determine the underlying technology in use, improving security.
  6. Better caching: Without a file extension, caching becomes easier for web servers, potentially leading to faster page load times.