What does '.action' mean in a robots.txt file?

by laverna_hirthe , in category: SEO , 8 months ago

What does '.action' mean in a robots.txt file?

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by susan , 8 months ago


In a robots.txt file, '.action' is not a specific directive or rule. The robots.txt file is used to instruct web crawlers or robots on how to interact with the website. It contains a set of rules and directives to control the crawling and indexing behavior of these robots.

Usually, the directives in a robots.txt file specify the paths or patterns of URLs that the robots are allowed or disallowed to access. For example, 'User-agent: *' is a directive that applies to all robots, and '/admin/' is a rule that disallows all robots from accessing any URLs under the '/admin/' directory.

Therefore, '.action' itself doesn't have any predefined or special meaning within the context of a robots.txt file. The directives in the file are often based on the structure and requirements of the specific website being crawled.