What is __utmt and __utmd cookies in google analytics?

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What is __utmt and __utmd cookies in google analytics?

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by delpha , 7 months ago


__utmt and __utmd are cookies used by Google Analytics to track user behavior on websites.

__utmt cookie is used to throttle the request rate for the service, limiting the collection of data on high-traffic sites. It expires after 10 minutes.

__utmd cookie is a persistent cookie that is used to differentiate between different tracking objects created in the session. It is used to collect information about user behavior on the website and is set to expire in 2 years.

Google Analytics uses these cookies to collect data on website usage, such as the number of visits, pages viewed, and the duration of a visit. The information collected helps website owners understand and analyze user behavior to improve their website's performance and user experience.

It is worth noting that Google Analytics may use additional cookies and tracking technologies to gather data, but the __utmt and __utmd cookies specifically serve the purpose of throttling request rates and differentiating tracking objects.