What is a slug in Wordpress?


by eloisa , in category: SEO , 3 years ago

What is a slug in Wordpress?

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by steve.moen , 3 years ago

WordPress is probably the most popular webpage markup creation tool on the internet. That being so, many people have questions about slugs.

What is a slug?

Let's say, for example, my website was a personal blog with the domain name stlplaces.com

Now let's say I am writing a post "Best Software Quality Assurance & QA Books" called

/best-software-quality-assurance-and-qa-books would be the slug and the entire URL for the review might then become, stlplaces.com/blog/best-software-quality-assurance-and-qa-books.

Why use a slug?

Because using a slug helps both customers and search engines such as Google more easily identify the content you are laying out for people.

Using a slug makes it much more certain that your content will be found, as the slug tells people in short, exactly what to expect.

You can easily edit your slugs, and they can become vital to attracting an audience for your content.


by virginie , 6 months ago


A slug in WordPress refers to the portion of a URL that identifies a specific post or page. It is a user-friendly and search engine optimized version of the post or page title. Slugs usually consist of lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens (-) with spaces replaced by hyphens. The purpose of a slug is to provide a concise and descriptive URL that helps visitors and search engines understand the content of the page.