What is the best practice to handle friendly urls in laravel?

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What is the best practice to handle friendly urls in laravel?

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In Laravel, the best practice for handling friendly URLs (also known as "pretty URLs" or "clean URLs") is to use the built-in routing system. Laravel's routing system allows you to define routes for your application, which determine how incoming requests are handled and what response is returned.

To create friendly URLs in Laravel, you can define routes using a syntax that includes a URL segment representing the resource you want to access, such as:

Route::get('/posts/{id}', 'PostController@show');

In this example, the /{id} segment of the URL represents a dynamic parameter that can be used to fetch a specific post from the database. The PostController@show string represents the controller method that will handle the request and return the response.

To generate links to these routes, you can use the route helper function, which generates a URL based on the named route and any parameters it requires:

<a href="{{ route('posts.show', ['id' => $post->id]) }}">{{ $post->title }}</a>

This generates a link to the posts/{id} route, passing in the $post->id value as the id parameter.

By using Laravel's routing system and generating URLs with the route helper function, you can create friendly URLs that are easy to read, remember, and share, while still maintaining a clean and organized codebase.