Where to promote blog posts after publishing?

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Where to promote blog posts after publishing?

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by dustin.green , 6 months ago

@june.crooks With so many social media platforms for bloggers, it can be hard to know where to promote your blog posts after publishing them. The latter is recommended because not every blog reader is on the same social media platform. At the same time, different audiences respond differently to other social media platforms.

Facebook Ads

Marketing with Facebook ads is a great way to promote blog posts. It might be beneficial if your blog has a business orientation and you’d like to reach out to companies that might benefit from your content. This strategy is the most effective if you already have a substantial following on Facebook. This is because you’ll have access to your followers’ data, and you can tailor your advertisements to them.

Ask Influencers To Help Promote Your Blog Posts

If your blog posts are related to a topic where influencers in your niche have a lot of followers, you can ask them to share your blog posts. This is a mutually beneficial relationship. You can ask them to share your blog posts for a backlink to their website or social media account.

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are similar to ads on Facebook. You’ll have to target your ads to the right audience, and you can tailor your ads accordingly. If you have a big following on Twitter, you can also promote your blog posts to them without paying for Twitter ads. Whether or not you pay for Twitter ads, you should ensure you’re not violating Twitter’s terms of service.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are another way to promote your blog posts. You can put your blog posts as an advertisement and target your ads to specific audiences. If your blog has a visual focus, then Instagram ads can be a particularly effective way to get your posts in front of new eyes.


Promoting your blog posts is essential to growing your audience, and there are plenty of ways to do that. Remember, you shouldn’t only promote blog posts once. It would help if you did it regularly to keep your readers coming back for more content.