Why WordPress is the best platform for SEO?

by talon_jacobson , in category: SEO , a year ago

Why WordPress is the best platform for SEO?

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by michele , a year ago

WordPress is one of the best platforms when it comes to SEO. A person can link up some keywords and they can have their page found without a problem. These are of the things that makes WordPress one of the best hosts for SEO.

Optimized Images

The images that are added to WordPress are SEO optimized. This will allow them to help engage a visitor while helping attach them to the site. These images are used by Google and will help the site get found.

User Experience

The design on WordPress is there to make sure the users have a good experience. The layout is simple and there is content and images that are easy to add to the page. User experience will have an influence on rank and keyword. If users are not liking the site it will hurt the ranking. WordPress is easy to navigate leading to happy visitors.