How do I shorten a link for social media?

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How do I shorten a link for social media?

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by jaycee_rowe , 7 months ago


There are several tools and methods you can use to shorten a link for social media. Here are three popular options:

  1. Bitly: Bitly is a widely-used link shortening service. Simply go to, paste your long URL into the provided box, and hit "Shorten." Bitly will then generate a shortened link that you can copy and use on social media platforms.
  2. TinyURL: TinyURL works similarly to Bitly. Visit, paste your long link into the input field, and click "Make TinyURL." The website will create a shortened version of your link, which you can copy and share.
  3. Social media platform tools: Some platforms, like Twitter, automatically shorten links to meet their character limits. When composing a tweet or post, you can simply paste a long URL into the text box, and the platform will shorten it for you.

Remember to utilize these services responsibly, check their terms of service, and be cautious of spam-filled or unreliable link shorteners.