How do I shorten the url for a Facebook post?

by cameron_walter , in category: SEO Tools , a year ago

How do I shorten the url for a Facebook post?

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by info , a year ago

@cameron_walter you can still shorten a URL before sharing it in a Facebook post by using a third-party URL shortening service like Bitly, TinySRC. Here's how you can do it:

Copy the URL:

First, copy the long URL that you want to shorten. This could be a link to a website, a YouTube video, or any other web content you want to share.

Go to a URL Shortening Service:

Visit the website of a URL shortening service like Bitly, TinySRC

Most of these services have a prominent input field on their homepage where you can paste your long URL.

Paste the URL:

Paste your long URL into the input field provided on the URL shortening service's website.

Shorten the URL:

After pasting the URL, click on the "Shorten" or "Create Short Link" button, depending on the service you're using.

Copy the Shortened URL:

Once the service generates a shortened URL, you can copy it to your clipboard.

Compose Your Facebook Post:

Go to your Facebook profile or the page where you want to make the post.

Compose your post as you normally would.

Insert the Shortened URL:

Paste the shortened URL into your post where you want to share it.

Complete Your Post:

Add any additional text, images, or other content to your Facebook post as needed.

Publish Your Post:

Once you're satisfied with your post, click the "Post" button to publish it with the shortened URL.