How do I shorten URL links for free?

by genevieve_boehm , in category: SEO Tools , a year ago

How do I shorten URL links for free?

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by ebudoragina , a year ago

@genevieve_boehm You can shorten URL links for free using various online URL shortening services. These services take a long URL and create a shorter, more manageable link. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Choose a URL Shortening Service:

There are several free URL shortening services available, such as Bitly, TinySRC, and many more.

Visit the URL Shortening Service:

Go to the website of the URL shortening service you want to use. In this case, go to

Create an Account (Optional):

Many URL shortening services allow you to create an account. This can be useful for keeping track of the links you've shortened and their performance. You can often use these services without an account, but creating one may provide additional features.

Shorten the URL:

On the service's homepage, you will typically find a text box or field where you can paste the long URL that you want to shorten.

Paste your long URL into this box.

Click the "Shorten" button or a similar option provided by the service.

Copy the Shortened URL:

After you click the "Shorten" button, the service will generate a shortened version of your URL.

Copy the shortened URL from the website. This is the link you can share with others.

Share or Use the Shortened URL:

You can now use the shortened URL in emails, social media posts, text messages, or anywhere you need a shorter link.

Track Performance (Optional):

If you have an account with the URL shortening service, you can often track the performance of your shortened links, including the number of clicks and other statistics.