How to shorten links for Instagram?

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How to shorten links for Instagram?

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@shanie.wisozk Shortening links for Instagram can be useful to save space in your posts and make your content look cleaner. Instagram allows you to add clickable links to your profile bio, but if you want to share a link within a post or story, you'll need to use a link shortening service. Here's how you can do it:

Choose a Link Shortening Service:

There are several link shortening services available, but some popular ones include Bitly, TinySRC. You can use any of these services to shorten your links. Visit their websites or use their mobile apps to get started.

Create an Account (Optional):

Most link shortening services allow you to create an account, which can be useful for tracking link analytics. If you want to track clicks and other statistics, consider signing up for an account.

Shorten Your Link:

Once you're on the link shortening service's website or app, you'll typically find a box where you can paste your long URL. Paste the URL you want to shorten into this box and click the "Shorten" or "Generate" button.

Copy the Shortened Link:

After you've shortened the link, the service will provide you with a shorter version of your URL. Copy this shortened link to your clipboard.

Add the Shortened Link to Your Instagram Post or Story:

Open the Instagram app and create your post or story as you normally would. When you need to include the link, paste the shortened URL into the caption, bio, or story text box. Instagram will recognize it as a clickable link, and your followers can tap on it to visit the original page.