How does Brave's ad-blocking feature work?

by priscilla.langworth , in category: SEO Tools , a year ago

How does Brave's ad-blocking feature work?

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by arlo , a year ago

@priscilla.langworth Brave's ad-blocking feature works by using a combination of blocklists, machine learning algorithms, and browser-specific filters to identify and block different types of ads.

When a user visits a website, Brave first checks its blocklists to see if the site is known to serve ads. If it is, then Brave will use its built-in machine learning algorithm to identify any ad-related elements on the page (such as ad banners, scripts, and trackers) and block them from appearing.

Brave also features a set of browser-specific filters to help block ads that may slip through the blocklists or machine learning algorithm. For example, Brave can block ads that are injected into a page by a browser extension or scripts that try to circumvent ad-blockers.

Overall, Brave's ad-blocking feature works to provide a more streamlined and ad-free browsing experience for its users.