How does Google Analytics know gender?

by naomi_cronin , in category: SEO Tools , a year ago

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by pietro , a year ago

@naomi_cronin Google Analytics can detect gender through inferred demographics, which are based on user behavior such as browsing patterns and search histories. These inferred demographics can be used to segment audiences to help marketers better understand their target audiences. Additionally, Google Analytics integrates with third-party data providers, who provide data with user-submitted genders. This data can be used to further segment audiences.


by dortha , a year ago


Google Analytics doesn't know an individual user's gender by default. However, if a website or app has implemented gender as a custom dimension in their Google Analytics tracking code, it may be possible to see gender-based analytics data in the reports. This would require the website or app to collect and pass along this information to Google Analytics. It's important to note that this would only provide gender-based analytics data at an aggregate level, and not information about individual users.