How does google analytics track events when user navigates to other page inside one domain?


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How does google analytics track events when user navigates to other page inside one domain?

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by dejuan.watsica , 8 months ago


When a user navigates to another page within the same domain, Google Analytics uses a combination of JavaScript, cookies, and the measurement protocol to track events. Here is a general overview of how it works:

  1. JavaScript Code: On each page where you want to track events, you need to include the Google Analytics tracking code. This code contains JavaScript functions and methods that handle tracking events.
  2. Session Tracking: When the user lands on a page, the tracking code assigns a unique session ID to the user. This session ID is stored in a cookie on the user's browser.
  3. Event Tracking: To track events such as button clicks, form submissions, or other interactions, you need to set up event tracking code. This involves attaching specific JavaScript functions to the elements (buttons, links, etc.) that you want to track.
  4. Sending Data: When the user interacts with a tracked element, such as clicking a button, the event tracking code captures the event details and sends them to Google Analytics.
  5. Hit Data: The event details (i.e., event category, action, label, and value) are packaged into a "hit" data format. This hit data is sent to Google Analytics servers for processing.
  6. Data Processing: Google Analytics processes the received hit data and matches it with the user's session using the stored session ID in the cookie. It also analyzes other parameters like user location, device, and source to provide comprehensive analytics insights.
  7. Reporting: The processed data is displayed in your Google Analytics account as reports, allowing you to analyze the user behavior, conversions, and other metrics related to the tracked events.

By utilizing this process, Google Analytics can track events as users navigate to other pages within the same domain.