How does Google crawl and index your content after the page is loaded?

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How does Google crawl and index your content after the page is loaded?

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Google crawls and indexes web pages using automated software programs called "spiders" or "bots." These programs are designed to follow links and gather information about the content on each page they visit.

When a page is loaded, the Google bot begins to crawl the HTML source code of the page. It looks for important elements like the title tag, header tags, and meta descriptions, which help Google understand what the page is about. The bot also looks for links to other pages on the site and follows those links to gather more information.

Once the bot has crawled the page, it adds the information it has gathered to Google's index. The index is a massive database that contains information about all the pages Google has crawled on the web. When someone performs a search, Google uses its index to find the most relevant pages based on the search query.

It's important to note that not all content is indexable by Google. For example, pages that are hidden behind login walls or those that have been blocked by robots.txt directives won't be indexed by Google. Additionally, pages that contain only images or videos without any accompanying text may not be indexed.