How does the embedded google analytics javascript work?

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How does the embedded google analytics javascript work?

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by clarabelle , 9 months ago


The embedded Google Analytics JavaScript works by inserting a block of code on a website page. This code snippet collects and sends data to the Google Analytics servers each time a user visits the website.

Here's how it works step-by-step:

  1. Website owners or administrators first create a Google Analytics account and obtain a tracking ID.
  2. They add the Google Analytics tracking code to their website's HTML code. This code includes a JavaScript file provided by Google with the tracking ID specific to the website.
  3. When a user visits the website, their browser fetches the JavaScript file and executes it. This code creates a cookie on the user's browser to uniquely identify and track that user's interactions across multiple pages on the website, known as a client ID.
  4. The JavaScript code also collects various information, such as the page URL, user's device or browser information, and interactions like clicks, form submissions, or other custom events defined by the website owner.
  5. The collected data is then bundled and sent as a request to the Google Analytics servers using AJAX or a simple HTTP request.
  6. On the Google Analytics servers, the data is processed, aggregated, and stored to generate reports and insights on website usage, user behavior, traffic sources, conversions, and more.
  7. Website owners or administrators can access the data and metrics through the Google Analytics dashboard, which provides comprehensive reports and visualizations.

In summary, the embedded Google Analytics JavaScript code dynamically collects and sends data from website visitors to the Google Analytics servers for analysis and reporting.