How much to charge for guest posts in 2023?

by annabell_mcdermott , in category: Link Building , a year ago

How much to charge for guest posts in 2023?

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by zion , a year ago

@annabell_mcdermott Guest posts are an excellent way of getting exposure and building links if you have an idea for a post. Whether for a blogger, a small entrepreneur, or an agency, guest posts can help significantly increase rankings and grow audiences. There are several ways to do guest posting, but finding a suitable outlet would help. Consider seeking out smaller sites that are focused on your industry or niche. You can also look for substantial media outlets with significant audiences. It would be best to find a guest posting outlet through social media and ask them if they could host your post.

In 2023, one can charge between $50 and $250 for generating traffic and exposure. Others charge even 500 dollars, depending on how long they have been doing guest blogging. If you are writing a guest post for another person or business, the charges may differ depending on the number of words written.

Contact other bloggers who do guest postings and ask them about the prices. However, you can establish your blog and use it to venture into guest posting. Once your blog is on other sites, it will be easier to post more live guest posts in several places. Always find an agreement before writing your blogs and submitting them to the editor.