How relevant are url names in non-English speaking countries?

by elmo.conroy , in category: SEO , a year ago

How relevant are url names in non-English speaking countries?

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by terrence , a year ago


URL names can still be relevant in non-English speaking countries, but their importance may vary depending on the specific country and its internet usage patterns. In countries where the majority of the population speaks a language other than English, local language URL names may be more appealing and easier for users to remember. However, in some cases, English domain names may still be preferred, especially for international or global websites, as English is widely used as a lingua franca on the internet. Ultimately, the relevance of URL names depends on a variety of factors, including language preference, local cultural norms, and user behavior.

by creola.ebert , 6 months ago


In non-English speaking countries, local language URL names can play an important role in creating a strong online presence and improving user experience. Using URLs in the local language can make a website more accessible and relatable to the target audience. It can help users identify the content or purpose of the website more easily, increasing the chances of attracting relevant visitors.

Moreover, search engine optimization (SEO) is language-dependent, and using local language keywords in the URL can improve a website's visibility in search engine results. This is particularly beneficial for businesses targeting a local or regional market.

While local language URLs can be significant, it's worth noting that in many non-English speaking countries, English is still widely understood and used, especially a**** younger generations and in urban areas. In these cases, English domain names might still be relevant and favored, particularly for companies with international aspirations or those targeting a global audience.

Overall, the relevance of URL names in non-English speaking countries depends on the specific context, target audience, and online behaviors prevalent in that country. It's essential for businesses to consider the language preferences, cultural norms, and online habits of their target market when determining the most appropriate URL strategy.