How to automatically filter spam referrals in google analytics?

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How to automatically filter spam referrals in google analytics?

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by elliott , 8 months ago


To automatically filter spam referrals in Google Analytics, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new view: Sign in to your Google Analytics account and go to the Admin section. Under the "View" column, click on "Create View" to create a new view.
  2. Exclude spam referrals: Within the newly created view, click on "Filters" under the "View" column. Then click on "+ Add Filter" to create a new filter. Give your filter a name.
  3. Filter out known spam domains: To filter out known spam domains, select "Custom" as the filter type. Then choose "Campaign Source" as the filter field. In the filter pattern, add the domain names you want to exclude, separated by a pipe (|) character. For example:|
  4. Exclude spam by language: If you notice a pattern of spam referrals with specific languages, you can create another filter to exclude those. Follow the same process as step 3 but choose "Language Settings" as the filter field and add the languages you want to exclude in the filter pattern.
  5. Include valid hostnames: Add a new filter by selecting "Predefined" as the filter type. Choose "Include Only" and then select "Hostname" from the dropdown. Use a regex pattern to include only your own valid domain names. For example, if your domain is, the filter pattern would be: ^$.
  6. Save and apply the filters: Once you have set up all the filters, save them, and they will automatically start filtering out the spam referrals in your Analytics reports.

Note: It's important to regularly review and update your filters as new spam referral domains may emerge.