How to get a short link for Amazon?


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How to get a short link for Amazon?

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by rusty.rosenbaum , 8 months ago


To get a short link for Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Amazon website ( and copy the link of the product or page you want to create a short link for.
  2. Visit a URL shortening service like,, or These services can create shorter and more manageable links.
  3. Paste the copied Amazon link into the provided field on the URL shortening service's homepage.
  4. Click on the button or option to generate a short link.
  5. The shortened link will be created and displayed by the URL shortening service. You can then copy the generated short link and use it wherever you need to share or use an abbreviated Amazon link.

Please note that URL shortening services are external platforms, and their usage might be subject to their terms of service and privacy policies.