How to get transaction id in google analytics ecommerce?


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How to get transaction id in google analytics ecommerce?

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by annabell_mcdermott , 7 months ago


To get the transaction ID in Google Analytics Ecommerce, you need to implement Enhanced Ecommerce and set up the appropriate tracking code. Here's how you can retrieve the transaction ID:

  1. Enable Enhanced Ecommerce: In your Google Analytics account, go to the Admin section and navigate to the View settings of the relevant property. Under the Ecommerce Settings, enable the "Enable Ecommerce" and "Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting" options.
  2. Modify the tracking code: Update your website's Google Analytics tracking code to include the necessary Enhanced Ecommerce code. This code will typically be placed on the order confirmation page, where the transaction is completed.
  3. Extract the transaction ID: Once your tracking code is implemented and data is being sent to Google Analytics, you can access the transaction ID in the Ecommerce reports. Go to the Conversions section and click on the Ecommerce > Sales Performance report. Here, you will see a list of transaction IDs along with other relevant metrics.

Alternatively, you can also use Google Analytics APIs (e.g., Measurement Protocol, Reporting API) to programmatically retrieve transaction ID data.

Note: It's important to ensure your website's privacy policy and terms of service comply with collecting and transmitting user data. Additionally, refer to the Google Analytics documentation for detailed implementation instructions and code examples.