How to guest post on Forbes?


by vinnie , in category: Link Building , 2 years ago

How to guest post on Forbes?

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by jaycee_rowe , 2 years ago

@vinnie Every day, Forbes attracts a global audience. The process for submitting a pitch is straightforward. This is how you can get your guest post on Forbes.

Craft an Engaging Pitch

Keep your pitch short, and make sure that the editor knows how you are providing value to the readers. Do not send a generic pitch to the editor. Pitches that are not addressed to the editor are not acceptable. Mention what you like about Forbes. Include a link to your blog with some topic ideas.

Follow the Guidelines

Every editor has specific guidelines for submitting pitches. Read the instructions more than once. If you have any questions, send an email before you submit your pitch. The editor will not read your pitch if it deviates from the guidelines.

Reach Out

Reach out to the editor after you have given the editor enough time to review your pitch. Give the editor a few extra days after the estimated response time. Most editors will know that you are serious about being a guest poster when you reach out a second time.

It is worth taking time out of your day to follow the meticulous steps. Guest posting is a great way to get noticed by the audience. Your guest post can get you closer to being a contributor for Forbes.


by mabelle , 6 months ago


  1. Craft an engaging pitch: Keep your pitch concise and address it directly to the editor. Explain how your guest post will provide value to Forbes readers and include a link to your blog along with some topic ideas.
  2. Follow the guidelines: Each editor at Forbes may have specific guidelines for submitting pitches. Make sure to read them carefully and ensure your pitch adheres to these instructions. If you have any questions, reach out to the editor before submitting your pitch.
  3. Reach out: After allowing the editor sufficient time to review your pitch, follow up with a polite email. Give the editor a few extra days beyond the estimated response time to respond. This shows your dedication and seriousness about being a guest poster.

By following these steps and putting in the effort to create a compelling pitch, you increase your chances of getting noticed and becoming a contributor for Forbes. Good luck!