How to noindex in google one page of a website?


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How to noindex in google one page of a website?

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by priscilla.langworth , 7 months ago


To noindex a specific page of a website in Google, you can use the "noindex" directive either through meta tags or robots.txt file. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Option 1: Using HTML Meta Tags:
  • Open the HTML code of the page you want to noindex.
  • Locate the section within the code.
  • Insert the following meta tag between the and tags: .
  • Save and upload the modified HTML page to the server.
  1. Option 2: Using robots.txt file:
  • Access the root directory of your website on the server.
  • Open or create a "robots.txt" file (if it doesn't exist already).
  • Add the following line to the file: Disallow: /url-of-the-page-you-want-to-noindex/ For example, if you want to noindex the page "", you would add Disallow: /page.html/.
  • Save the robots.txt file and upload it to the server.

After implementing either of these methods, Google's crawler will see the noindex directive and won't include that specific page in its search index. Keep in mind that this won't prevent other search engines or users from accessing the page, so it's recommended to use additional methods like password protecting the page or blocking access via server configuration if you want to further restrict access.