How to optimize PPC campaigns on Amazon?


by emelie , in category: PPC , 10 months ago

How to optimize PPC campaigns on Amazon?

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1 answer

by priscilla.langworth , 9 months ago

@emelie 1. Start by setting up a tracking system to monitor your campaigns.

  1. Analyze your keywords and bids, and adjust as needed to get the best ROI.
  2. Monitor competitors to find out which keywords they are targeting and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  3. Refine your targeting and segmentation to ensure display ads reach the right audience.
  4. Experiment with different copy and creative to boost engagement.
  5. Take advantage of Amazon Ads’ automated ad strategies and set goals for cost-per-click and conversion rates.
  6. Monitor and optimize your campaigns continuously to ensure you're not wasting budget.
  7. Utilize Amazon analytics to gain actionable insights and optimize campaigns.
  8. Leverage negative keywords to avoid displaying Ads to irrelevant audiences.
  9. Use Retargeting campaigns to increase conversion rate and ROI.