How to use microdata with hidden blocks?

by alvera_smith , in category: SEO , 10 months ago

How to use microdata with hidden blocks?

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by susan , 9 months ago

@alvera_smith Using microdata with hidden blocks involves adding HTML attributes to certain elements on the page. For example, if you want to mark up a certain box as containing microdata, you could use the itemprop attribute.

The itemprop attribute is included in the HTML tag for the hidden block and is used to indicate that the text or other content inside the block is Microdata. This allows search engines and other web-based systems to make sense of the data within the block.

It is also important to add the itemscope and itemtype attributes to the HTML mark up. The itemscope attribute puts the Microdata content into its own space, ensuring that it is picked up in searches. The itemtype attribute gives search engines an idea of what type of Microdata is being used within the block.

These three elements – the itemprop, itemscope, and itemtype attributes – form the basis of any Microdata implementation and should be used whenever appropriate. Whenever you use a hidden block on your website, use these three attributes to ensure that search engines can make sense of the data within it.