What is Google Analytics Premium?


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Google Analytics Premium is a paid version of Google Analytics, a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It is designed for enterprise-level businesses and organizations that need more advanced features and support than what is provided in the free version of Google Analytics.

Some of the key features of Google Analytics Premium include:

  1. Unsampled data: With the free version of Google Analytics, data is often sampled, which means that only a subset of data is used to generate reports. With Google Analytics Premium, you get access to unsampled data, which means you can see all of the data collected from your website, providing a more accurate and complete view of your website's performance.
  2. Customized reporting: Google Analytics Premium allows you to create customized reports that meet the specific needs of your business. You can create reports that include a variety of metrics and dimensions, and you can schedule these reports to be delivered to you automatically.
  3. Advanced analysis: Google Analytics Premium includes several advanced analysis tools that can help you more deeply understand your website's performance. These tools include custom segments, which allow you to segment your data in a variety of ways, and custom funnels, which allow you to see how users are moving through your website.
  4. Support: Google Analytics Premium includes dedicated support from Google, including access to a team of analytics experts who can help you get the most out of the service.

Google Analytics Premium is available for a fee, and the cost will depend on the size and needs of your business. If you're interested in using Google Analytics Premium, you can learn more about it and request a quote on the Google Analytics website.


by pietro , 2 years ago

@jamison Google Analytics Premium is a paid version of Google Analytics that provides advanced features and services not included in the basic version. It allows enterprise customers to gain powerful insights and access custom reports, advanced analysis, and technical support. Google Analytics Premium is ideal for companies needing higher data limits and greater data accuracy.