What is the Firefox Relay feature and how does it work?


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What is the Firefox Relay feature and how does it work?

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Firefox Relay is a privacy-focused email alias service provided by Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox browser. It helps users protect their personal email addresses and reduce unwanted spam and attempts at data misuse.

When using Firefox Relay, users can create unique email aliases instead of sharing their actual email address. An email alias is an alternate email address that can be used for online registrations, subscriptions, or any situation where an email address is required but users may not necessarily trust the recipient with their primary email.

Here's how Firefox Relay works:

  1. Creating an Alias: Users can create aliases directly through the Firefox Relay website or the Relay extension in Firefox. They have the option to choose a custom alias, or let Firefox Relay suggest one. The alias is generated on Mozilla's servers and is unique to the user.
  2. Email Forwarding: Whenever the user receives an email on their alias address, Firefox Relay forwards it to their real email address. The email headers are stripped to preserve privacy, ensuring the recipient cannot identify the real email address.
  3. Blocking Spam: If a user receives spam or unwanted emails on their alias, they can easily disable or delete the alias. This prevents further emails from reaching their primary inbox and helps maintain a clutter-free mailbox.
  4. Protecting Privacy: By using an alias instead of the real email address, users can shield their personal information from third parties. This helps reduce the chances of their email addresses being sold, shared, or compromised.

Firefox Relay is designed to be a secure and convenient tool for managing email privacy. It aims to give users more control over their online identity and minimize the risk of being tracked or subjected to unwanted solicitations.