What is window.env in google tag manager (gtm)?

by cameron_walter , in category: SEO Tools , 7 months ago

What is window.env in google tag manager (gtm)?

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by susan , 7 months ago


In Google Tag Manager (GTM), window.env is not a predefined or built-in variable. It doesn't have any specific meaning or functionality within GTM.

GTM allows you to create and manage tags, triggers, and variables to track and measure website analytics or perform various actions on your website. Variables in GTM can be used to fetch and store values from the page, such as the URL, page path, or cookies. However, window.env is not a standard variable or feature in GTM.

If you are encountering window.env in your GTM implementation, it is likely a custom variable or a variable defined elsewhere in your website's code. To determine its purpose or functionality, you would need to inspect your website's codebase or consult with the person responsible for implementing GTM on your site.