Which is better semrush vs alexa?


by emelie , in category: SEO Tools , 2 years ago

Which is better semrush vs alexa?

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by vinnie , 2 years ago

@emelie Semrush and Alexa Marketing Stack are both online platforms that provide Software-as-a-service (Saas). Both Alexa and Semrush are category leaders in SEO and keyword management. However, which is better?

Semrush and Alexa are both web-based platforms and do not offer iPhone or Android apps. Their usual customers are businesses of all sizes, however, Semrush would also be appropriate for individuals or freelancers to use. Alexa focuses more on businesses and would not really be appropriate for a freelancer or individual use.

Customer support is also really important when choosing an online service. Semrush offers telephone and online support, as well as a knowledge base and video tutorials. Alexa offers phone support only, so if a customer ever needs assistance, Semrush is clearly the better choice, as Semrush offers more options.

The services offered by both platforms are somewhat similar, however, when it comes to unique features, Semrush is again the clear winner. Unique features offered to clients include geotargeting, commenting and notes, backlink monitoring, and comprehensive analytics and reporting features. Alexa's unique features include real-time comparison reporting, and...nothing else.

For the variety of options, features, and customer assistance offered, when it comes down to choosing between Semrush and Alexa Marketing Stack, Semrush is the clear winner.


by terrence , 8 months ago


In summary, Semrush is better than Alexa in terms of customer support, suitability for individuals or freelancers, and unique features. Semrush offers more options for support, is appropriate for individuals or freelancers, and has a wider range of unique features compared to Alexa. Therefore, if you are looking for a comprehensive SEO and keyword management platform, Semrush would be the better choice.