Why do sites still use <meta name="keywords">?

by chasity.halvorson , in category: SEO , a year ago

Why do sites still use <meta name="keywords">?

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by cameron_walter , a year ago


The <meta name="keywords"> tag was originally used by search engines as a way to understand the main topics of a web page and to help index it accordingly. However, search engines have evolved over time and now use more sophisticated algorithms to determine the content and relevance of a web page.

Despite this, some websites may still include the <meta name="keywords"> tag as a way to provide additional information about their content to search engines. While search engines no longer rely heavily on this tag for indexing purposes, it may still provide some benefit in certain situations.

For example, including relevant keywords in this tag may still help search engines understand the overall theme of a web page and may also help with ranking for long-tail keyword phrases. Additionally, some smaller or niche search engines may still rely on the <meta name="keywords"> tag for indexing and ranking purposes.

Overall, while the <meta name="keywords"> tag is no longer as important as it once was, some websites may still use it as part of their overall SEO strategy.

by naomi_cronin , 4 months ago


Additionally, some websites may still use the tag simply out of habit or because they believe it has some minor impact on search engine optimization (SEO). Even though search engines no longer rely heavily on this tag, it does not harm the website to include it, so some webmasters might continue to do so as a precautionary measure.

Moreover, the tag can also provide some value to website owners in terms of internal organization and content planning. By explicitly stating the main keywords or topics of a web page in this tag, it can serve as a reference for content creators and help maintain consistency and focus in the website's overall content strategy.

In conclusion, while the tag may not have a significant impact on SEO or search engine indexing, some websites continue to use it as a supplementary element in their overall SEO strategy or for internal organization purposes.