Why is the domain hashed in Google Analytics?


by elliott , in category: SEO Tools , 7 months ago

Why is the domain hashed in Google Analytics?

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by domenico.weimann , 7 months ago


In Google Analytics, the domain is not hashed, but rather the URL path is hashed to protect user privacy.

Google Analytics uses a process called "hashing" to anonymize the URL path. Hashing is a method of encoding data that converts the original data (in this case, the URL path) into a shorter, fixed-length representation. The hash function used by Google Analytics is irreversible, meaning that it is not possible to reverse-engineer the original URL path from the hash.

By hashing the URL path, Google Analytics can still collect data about how users navigate through a website and which pages they visit, without collecting any personally identifiable information. This protects user privacy and ensures that the data collected by Google Analytics complies with data protection laws and regulations.