Why link building is important in SEO?

by naomi_cronin , in category: Link Building , 2 years ago

Why link building is important in SEO?

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by alvera_smith , 2 years ago

@naomi_cronin Link building is one of the most essential and effective strategies in an SEO campaign. Link building helps search engines discover new web pages relevant to your content. This is because most search engine algorithm relies on links. Building links to your site to rank higher in the search engine results pages to get more traffic is important. Here are other benefits of link building for your business besides SEO growth.

Brand Building

It helps your site become more popular, which in turn, increases your brand recognition. This growth in popularity improves your conversion rates and traffic, which are sources of revenue for your business.

As an SEO strategy, link building allows for website optimization and enables you to expand your customer base into multiple demographics and locations.

Greater Sales Opportunities

When potential clients looking for a product or service land on your website via a search engine, you have the chance to convert their interest into sales.

Validates Your Work

Someone who links to your site is essentially saying that they trust you. This approval and validation give your business integrity in the online community. Building a community of linked websites shows strong support, which increases your credibility in the market and can create more business relationships.


Link building is an effective strategy to help your site become more visible and increase your audience. SEO strategies incorporating link building create a solid foundation for any digital marketing campaign.


by lincoln , a year ago

@naomi_cronin Link building is an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When done correctly, it can help you generate more organic traffic to your website. Link building helps build the authority of your domain, which in turn helps Google rank your website higher in search results. It can also draw viewers away from your competitors and more toward your website. Additionally, link building helps improve your page and website visibility online, which improves your overall online presence. Finally, link building can also help spread awareness about your website, product, or service.