Does Google Really Crawl Angular?


by michele , in category: SEO , 3 years ago

Does Google Really Crawl Angular?

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by wilber.reynolds , 3 years ago

There are many different types of ways that platforms crawl websites. Does Google have the ability to crawl Angular? Google believes that it does have this ability, and it is because it is related to being strictly an SEO site. The reason for this is simple; crawling Angular means that it is easier to index the pages of a website.

Some believe that Angular isn't ideal for SEO. The primary reason it doesn't work well is because it uses a feature known as script for content gathering. The process for SEO is different, and a bit more unique. Secondly, the angular framework doesn't have the ability to run JS code. This type of code is JavaScript code, and it's a text-based programming language.

Some experts say that it is possible to work this way with SEO. When a site is built for universal with this structure with SEO it changes the way things work, allowing the website to index pages faster. Although SEO is at the core of getting hits online for marketing.

Google states that it can crawl any site. This could only really be determined by Google itself. Unless there are others who know more about how to utilize Google as a whole, it would be difficult to say for sure whether or not it would crawl properly.

Another opinion of how this system works is about how an app or site is built. Implementing universal from the beginning is important, and it's something you can add other apps to.

Client and server sides can both be used to aid in the website getting properly crawled to index the pages when set up correctly.


by delpha , 8 months ago


Yes, Google is able to crawl Angular websites. However, there are some considerations and best practices to follow in order to ensure that the Angular website is effectively crawled and indexed by Google.

One of the main challenges with Angular websites is that the content is often rendered dynamically using JavaScript. Google's crawler, also known as Googlebot, is capable of rendering and executing JavaScript to an extent. However, it is typically recommended to provide server-side rendered (SSR) content for better indexing.

Implementing SSR or pre-rendering techniques can help generate static HTML versions of the Angular pages, which can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. This ensures that search engines can access and understand the content of the website.

Additionally, it is important to ensure proper implementation of meta tags, appropriate URL structure, and other SEO best practices to optimize the Angular website for search engine visibility.

Overall, while Google can crawl Angular websites, it is important to follow the recommended best practices to ensure optimal crawling and indexing for better search engine visibility.