How can google analytics track visits to non-html pages?

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How can google analytics track visits to non-html pages?

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by cameron_walter , 7 months ago


Google Analytics can track visits to non-HTML pages through a feature called Event Tracking. This allows you to track specific interactions on your website, such as clicks on buttons, downloads of files, or interactions with embedded multimedia elements. By setting up Event Tracking, you can capture data on these interactions and view them in your Google Analytics reports.

To enable Event Tracking for non-HTML pages, you need to add additional JavaScript code to your website. Here's a general step-by-step process:

  1. Identify the interactions you want to track: Determine which specific actions or events you want to measure on your non-HTML pages. For example, if you want to track downloads of PDF files, you'll need to identify the elements (e.g., buttons or links) corresponding to those downloads.
  2. Modify your website's JavaScript code: Add the Event Tracking code to the relevant elements on your pages. This involves attaching specific functions to those elements in your JavaScript code.
  3. Set up Event Tracking parameters: Customize the Event Tracking code with parameters to collect additional information. For example, you can specify the category, action, label, and value associated with an event. These parameters provide detailed insights into user interactions.
  4. Verify your implementation: Use tools like Google Analytics Debugger or the Real-Time reports in Google Analytics to check if the tracking is working as expected. It's essential to confirm that the events are being captured accurately.
  5. Analyze the data: Once the tracking is set up correctly, you can analyze the data in your Google Analytics account. Navigate to the Events report to view metrics related to the interactions you're tracking, such as the number of events, unique events, event value, and more.

By utilizing Event Tracking, you can track specific user actions and measure interactions on non-HTML pages effectively within Google Analytics.